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Nikon Photos 14 (623) FELIPE BARRAL

Felipe Barral is an artist who expresses himself in many ways –through his visual works (documentaries, films, video/art installations & TV shows), his music (both as a performer and composer), his art (painting and photography) and his writing (he’s a poet and a journalist) . He is also a Chilean journalist with a Masters degree in Philosophy.

Felipe is a bilingual producer creating content both in English and Spanish. He is the Co-Founder and Executive Producer/Director of his production company “IGNI Productions” and their online channel for the arts “the G channel”. Felipe is also a Supervising Features Producer at the CNN International & CNN en Español Special Projects unit. He has received several awards and lately has been a guest speaker in film & TV production conferences.

As a filmmaker, Felipe explores and experiments with the audio visual language to create projects that capture the dangerous path of a creative human venture. Listening to the heartbeat of life he thinks in images, syllables and pigments. He talks in music, words and colors. He speaks the visual language that our modern culture understands.

Felipe Barral is also a published writer/poet. He has published the books of poems “Aion” (2001); “El libro de Isamar” (“The Book of Isamar, 2000); “Múrberon, el Verdadero Papel de la Poesía” (“Múrberon, the True Paper of Poetry”, 1998); and “Duerme” (“Sleep” in 1998). In 1999 he released the album “Nosferatu”, the soundtrack he wrote for the 1922 silent movie “Nosferatu” by German filmmaker F.W. Murnau.

He has received the following awards: the Emmy for CNN’s coverage of the 2004 Asian Tsunami; the Dupont – Columbia for CNN’s coverage of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina; and the Peabody Award for CNN’s coverage of the presidential primary campaign and debate in 2008.

Nikon Photos 14 (624) GIOCONDA SECCHI

Gioconda has a Master in Philosophy and studied Philosophy and Political Sciences in Chile. She studied photography with well-known photographer Bob Borowicz in Santiago de Chile.

She worked as Director of Photography in Felipe Barral’s book of poetry & photography “Múrberon, el Verdadero Papel de la Poesía” (“Múrberon, the True Paper of Poetry”, 1998).

She was a collaborator for “El Metropolitano” newspaper interviewing intellectual and artists in 2000. Along with Felipe Barral, she continues to be the Executive Editor of Édak Magazine. She currently also works as a Spanish Assistant Teacher in the Spanish Department at the Atlanta International School in Atlanta, Georgia.

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