Lorena Isabell The making of the album HOY / Documentary – English Version

Lorena is very well recognized in the environment of the Latin Bohemian music in San Diego earning the love and admiration of musicians in collaborative projects as well as a loyal following of fans that have been attracted to her emotional and heart felt performances for the last 25 years. Lorena’s most successful collaborations has been with the debut of the song “Hoy” 18 years ago in a co-production in Hollywood Mexico of the American movie “The Price of Glory”. This same song has been newly arranged and produced again in Lorena’s current album release titled HOY.

Produced, Directed, Filmed, Written & Edited By Felipe Barral

Produced by HALO Production in association with IGNI Productions

Filmed in San Diego, California, y Santiago de Chile, Chile.

© 2018 – Lorena Isabell

© 2018 – IGNI productions